Parses a passed string containing multiple possible file/folder paths and returns the file paths where the current user has modification rights.

Author: Will Schroeder (@harmj0y)
License: BSD 3-Clause
Required Dependencies: None


Get-ModifiablePath [-Path] <String[]> [-Literal]


Takes a complex path specification of an initial file/folder path with possible configuration files, 'tokenizes' the string in a number of possible ways, and enumerates the ACLs for each path that currently exists on the system. Any path that the current user has modification rights on is returned in a custom object that contains the modifiable path, associated permission set, and the IdentityReference with the specified rights. The SID of the current user and any group he/she are a part of are used as the comparison set against the parsed path DACLs.


-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

'"C:\Temp\blah.exe" -f "C:\Temp\config.ini"' | Get-ModifiablePath

Path Permissions IdentityReference ---- ----------- ----------------- C:\Temp\blah.exe {ReadAttributes, ReadCo... NT AUTHORITY\Authentic... C:\Temp\config.ini {ReadAttributes, ReadCo... NT AUTHORITY\Authentic...

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

Get-ChildItem C:\Vuln\ -Recurse | Get-ModifiablePath

Path Permissions IdentityReference ---- ----------- ----------------- C:\Vuln\blah.bat {ReadAttributes, ReadCo... NT AUTHORITY\Authentic... C:\Vuln\config.ini {ReadAttributes, ReadCo... NT AUTHORITY\Authentic... ...



The string path to parse for modifiable files. Required

Type: String[]
Parameter Sets: (All)
Aliases: FullName

Required: True
Position: 1
Default value: None
Accept pipeline input: True (ByPropertyName, ByValue)
Accept wildcard characters: False


Switch. Treat all paths as literal (i.e. don't do 'tokenization').

Type: SwitchParameter
Parameter Sets: (All)
Aliases: LiteralPaths

Required: False
Position: Named
Default value: False
Accept pipeline input: False
Accept wildcard characters: False




Custom PSObject containing the Permissions, ModifiablePath, IdentityReference for a modifiable path.